Aegres | MONA (Museum of Old and New Art)
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MONA (Museum of Old and New Art)




Access & Surveillance, Audio & Vision, Communications & Networking, Information Technology, Integration & Control, Lighting & Blinds

About This Project

MONA is a unique world class museum and art gallery privately owned and created by Tasmanian mathematician David Walsh. MONA (the 12000sqm gallery building) was designed by world renowned Australian architect Nonda Katsalidis (architect of Melbourne’s Eureka tower). MONA the site comprises a museum, library, restaurant, function centre, winery and vinyard, brewery, outdoor stage and concert area, and luxury accommodation pavilions.


MONA has an investment in technology systems exceeding $10mil.  Aegres provided consulting and technology to MONA for the 20 building site (including the museum) for the majority of services including:


  • AMX systems for the automated control, monitoring and management of all technology associated artworks (> 50 individual technology works – numerous controlled by IP connected, current monitored power distribution units (PDUS))
  • AMX systems for the control and automation of the owner’s new luxury penthouse apartment situated on top of MONA
  • AMX systems for control, automation and monitoring of remote equipment racks (situated in various buildings – e.g. control of Digital MATV, Foxtel, etc in remote building with optic fibre linked antenna distribution headend system feeding site and owners dispersed location of private TV viewing areas).
  • AMX systems and control, automation, monitoring and management of digital signage and information displays.
  • Complete integration of AMX systems as a sub-system of the Honeywell Building-Management-System (BMS) via fully open standards compliant BACnet over IP.  All control and fault reporting passed through to site BMS system. BMS system allows one click gallery start up.
  • Consulting, design and management for integration of all site systems (Security, Access, Surveillance, Fire/Life-safety, Lighting, HVAC, AV, Phones, POS, etc).
  • Consulting and design for the convergence of all services over fibre-optic/IP as a holistic approach to reduce disparate system distribution costs associated with separate cabling between multiple physically dispersed buildings.
  • Consulting and project management of the installation of 20km’s of twin physically redundant underground 80mm communications conduit network between all 20 buildings.
  • Consulting and project management of the installation of 50km’s of underground-class single mode optical fibre between all buildings configured in redundant path formation to provide redundancy against physical defeat (excavator dig ups etc).
  • Consulting and design of dual physically segregated site network infrastructure built on inter-building fibre.  Redundant high-availability network design comprising dual-everything including inter-switch disparate path cabling.  Total system comprised of 4 stacked core fibre switches, 87 edge switches (located in separate racks around the site) providing 3500 network ports and 1500 ports of high power PoE+ midspan injectors.  Aegres physically provisioned the data network and designed/project-managed the installation of the security network (such that the security contractor could assume entire contractual liability for any failures of the security system).
  • Consulting and provision of a site wide single-mode fibre optic MATV (Satellite and Low-Band FTA) distribution system for unified FTA antenna and satellite dish discretely hidden on one building.  All buildings have antenna services delivered over fibre optic from the central head end.
  • Consult and provide a business-class fully SIP compliant IP phone system for use across all buildings including Bluetooth-to-SIP gatewaying of mobiles back into the site phone system.
  • Consult and provide a fully SIP compliant DECToverIP cordless phone solution (20 handsets) that can travel and handoff across the entire site (including areas where no mobile phone coverage exists).
  • Consult and provide IP intercoms for site access points to allow remote access control.
  • Consult and provide digital two-way radio system on dedicated licensed spectrum with 64bit encryption and IP linked repeaters to cover MONA site radio deadspots and linked repeater coverage into Hobart city and other MONA offsite facilities. 80 handsets provided.
  • Design and consult on IP camera requirements, infrastructure and supporting contractor.  300 site cameras dispersed on multiple buildings across IP network for monitoring by onsite security control room.
  • Design, consult, manage and provision IP connected site security systems.
  • Design, consult and manage the provision of IP connected site access control system (encrypted prox card based with biometric sign-in for daily card activation).
  • Design, consult and manage the provision of IP integrated site HVAC control systems.
  • Design, consult and provide all museum AV services including an 80m long distributed steerable sound system in the void bar.
  • Design, consult and manage the installation of a central security control room for monitoring all cameras, alarms and live supervision of access control and other site services (lighting, HVAC, AV, etc).
  • Design, consult and manage provision of power monitoring and load shedding systems.
  • Design, consult and manage the provision of N+1 site redundant generator systems.
  • Design, consult and manage the installation of a high availability data centre with N+1 generators, N+1 UPS and N+1 100% sensible-ratio cooling systems to house all site IT assets for highest availability.
  • Design, consult and provide IT server and storage infrastrucutre for site services including multiple redundant high-availability VMware servers connected to 200TB of redundant SAN storage via redundant MPIO 10Gbps SAN infrastructure.  Backup of storage housed in a building 300m physically distant from primary storage.