Aegres | Philips Led Lighting Brightening up a basement
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Philips Led Lighting Brightening up a basement

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Like many families looking to make the most out of an extra room in their home, the Bingers use their basement as a multi-functional family room. It is used as a playroom for their two young children, office spaces for Mr. and Mrs Binger and an exercise room. Mrs. Binger also teaches her children how to dance there – and would love to be able to run small dance classes in the future.

The Problem

  • Their basement receives very little light from outside
  • The existing recessed lighting provides only basic level of general lighting – and no ambience

The Solution

  • Enhance the overall ambience of the room
  • Define different areas more clearly with accent lighting
  • Provide dedicated task lights to better support different activities.

Contact Aegres today to find out how Philips Led lighting could improve your experience.
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